Our Basic Web Site Philosophy

We design web sites and web pages for speed and clarity that are very inviting to people and highly ranked by search engines.


finished work, of Los Angeles, CA for copywriting, graphic design for print, web art, and digital photography

ABCI created web sites are designed to compliment your existing marketing efforts, including your existing Internet presence. If you have an existing web site you may want to consider keeping it.

We do not advocate the use of many animated graphics, flashy graphics, and/or high-density graphics. We try to minimize components and content that degrades screen loading time. Once we have captured your visitor we can send them on to your existing web content.

For hosting services, we advocate the use of Internet Service Providers that have ultra-speed, and high-capacity portals. We believe that 24 X 7 support, and automated fault tolerant back-up systems are essential.  After all, Internet Marketing and Web Marketing Services are fast becoming mission critical for business.

Our Partners and Affiliates:
As you know, it's hard for one person or organization to do everything well. Therefore, we have professional partners and affiliates to help us get your work done right the first time. Some of our regular affiliates are: