The Internet Is A Direct Marketing Medium

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The Internet is inherently a direct marketing medium. The Internet is like having TV, Direct Mail and Direct Marketing rolled into one medium. The Internet is extremely easy to target, very quantifiable and has a high degree of interactivity. This mix of attributes when combined with the scale of the Internet translates into an enormously efficient marketplace for direct marketers.


The Internet is an interactive, entertaining, informative and transactional medium. In the near future low-cost high bandwidth will be accessible by a large proportion of the population. With bandwidth come a new and broad creative scope and the ability to appeal to the 'emotive' side of Internet users.


For instance, a well known research organization predicts that automotive advertising will be one of the sectors driving the growth of the online advertising market over the medium term. It argues that car buying is a very high consideration product and will perhaps benefit the most from the introduction of broadband and rich media advertising.


The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) of America recently conducted a study on the different forms of direct marketing. It found that Internet search engine positioning is used more than any other technique (66%) but is only 7th in its effectiveness following Emails, online PR, browsers, referrals, sponsorships, user optioned in programs and affiliate programs. In the short term the Internet advertising will experience growth through new direct marketing initiatives rather than through brand building products.

However, and again, with the introduction of broadband we will see a more balanced market emerge. Let ABCI get your Internet marketing program ready for opportunities today and tomorrow.